Ascension Day

It is a religious Holiday here, the weather is very good, the sun is shining, I plan to ride my bicycle over 25 kilometers, somehow I feel good, I slept well last night, I wish all of you have a nice day.


What does the religious holiday celebrate? Is it more of a solemn occasion or a happy celebration?

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You may find more about this religious holiday on wiki. I am not really a religious person and so I can not answer, I am going to get a good suntan when I ride my bicycle.

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Sounds like fun. My parents divorced when I was little. When I’d visit my dad in the summer I’d ride around the housing complex on my bike all day. I really enjoyed that. Except that time I accidentally swallowed a really big bug while riding. The sucker was huge.

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Good weather makes such a difference. We have been having a streak of good weather here in my area of UK. Yes I am OK thanks for asking



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