As you get older

The brain changes All the time

Every year, your body regenerates itself. So every year have a whole new you

I feel that my brain operated much faster 20 years ago than it is doing now.

That is slower, with more arthritis pain. I’m getting ripped off.


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Yes, by dust mites that feed off of dead skin cells - the main component of dust.

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I get wiser every year. But my facial hair is still quite soft. Disappointed. :unamused:


I’ve seen somewhere that the body regenerates itself every seven years with the food you eat after every meal, although I don’t see how they measure this.??

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take care :alien:

to be honest getting older does not bother me…
because i am getting better… :rainbow:
take care :alien:

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i will be glad if i am old.then i don’t need worry i will die young and turn to an animal