As the world turns. Poem

As the world turns
I slowly burn learning the lessons of life
Insight slowly guides me
And my only wisdom comes from others
My brothers and sisters
In this life we might only get one try
Defy the norms I’ve been taught
I scorn myself but at least i fought
For rightousness

Sorry i used to be better at poetry but disorganized thinking has taken away my ability to have any type of flow. I guess i need to practice more


I like it just fine.:slightly_smiling_face:


I wish i didn’t do as many drugs. I feel like i could have been a good poet and emcee

Do yo mean street drugs?



Past or present?

Mostly past. I used to take a lot of psychedelics. It was my escape from existence but the thing about existence is that it always comes back

I feel like lively people are just too much for me if it means a length of time with them. Does that mean I’m dead?:slightly_smiling_face:

I dont think so. Thats a question u have to ask yourself

ok My answer is that I am not dead but definitely old and tired. So I will say good night. Thank you for your conversation.

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Nice poetry, @KingKazuma.

I really like it!

Great poem!!!

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