As the morning Heat

Having one of these is a pleasurable pet keep it out of the Sun than it does the rest


Hmm. . .

Is There Something You Feel Like Sharing, I’d Rather You Keep It To Yourself To Be Honest.

What’s your problem with the post @Slystic? It doesn’t make sense that you’re upset about it

Hmm?. . .

Your Literal Confusion Is Confusing Me.

This is what I’m not understanding. Why the attitude on a simple post about a plant

Hmm?. . .

What Attitude?.

You said to keep his opinions to himself

Hmm?. . .

What Is The Actual Truth To Opinions?.

ooh fight fight!

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What you said was mean. I’m done with this conversation

Hmm. . .

You Are Still Confusing Me.

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night!.

Hmm. . .

Not Really A Fight I Don’t Think. More Like A Confusing “conversation” (???).


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