As long as we're sharing

I seem to hold stress in my feet. I won’t be thinking about it but then realize my feet are contorted stiffly and I have to focus to relax them. Sometimes when I get up and walk it hurts because I’ve stepped in a weird position. Needless to say, I have trouble walking sometimes, even after all these years of practice. Anyone? :blush:

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I am afraid of human saliva outside of my mouth. Kissing is okay as long as all the spit stays where it’s supposed to be. I am also afraid of sudden hugs.

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I developed an intense fear of heights since my psychotic break, I didn’t have it. Now I can’t stand being in high places and people standing near the abysses freak me out.

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:blush: I hate hugs. Most of the time they’re very invasive. Saliva is gross, unless it’s my husband’s. Thanks for sharing!


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