As far as my spinal pain

The dr won’t look into it more. So I guess I suffer in silence.

No you shouldnt have to. Spinal/disc pain is no joke. You need to see someone who is willing to help. Even if that means seeing 5 different family doctors.


Get another doctor. Get an MRI scan.


The problem is that drs in our town are all in cahoots with each other. So that adds difficulty.

I wish I could get a scan

My family doctor dismisses my arm pain.
I’ve been in pain for 2 years now.

I think it has to do with the fact that I am mi.

They don’t give a ■■■■ about us!


Yeah I think there is a population of doctors who, once they find out you have MI, just dismiss everything as hysteria (especially if you are a woman).

I saw doctors like this first hand as a medical student. Thankfully it is getting squeezed out the system but some stubborn old doctors still act like it is Victorian times


I think thats maybe your sz making you think that. I thought whats the point of getting a second opinion, my city is small, theyll just cover eachothers ass. But truth be told they are not like that to the extreme. Dont just give up. Even if they are all like that, your persistence will speak volumes. You not putting in any effort to try to get help probably tells your doc the pain isnt that bad, so literally go get a (new) family doctor, you dont need to suffer in silence.

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Mine is definitely due to my sza

Yeah he really does make me feel unimportant

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Oh but I’ve heard so often that it’s true from others in my town

I would try and see another doctor. All you need is a scan - to me that doesn’t seem a lot to ask. Especially since Canada has universal health care. You are only asking to be treated like everyone else.


Once they put a mental illness in your chart here nothing else is checked. I was ucky to get the doc I had recently, he told me I could be mentally ill AND very sicl and no one should dismiss me. Too bad they all aren’t that way.

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