As a SZ person, is this challenging for you?

Someone posted this on Facebook and I think that they are nitpicking here. I am not the most social person. I am just trying to make conversation.


People do this to be relatable. I think it’s fine and normal to be immersed in one’s own experience, and want to share it with others as a means of external connection.


I agree @fractaled!

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I don’t even know, would it be patronizing, to relate?

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I know people that don’t care what i have to say, its all about them, its rather selfish in a way but its ok to relate.


Yeah, seems like nothing is right anymore. No matter what you say or do it will be wrong for some people. I think the modern world has so much free time on their hands that problemating casual thing has become a pass time for some.


I love when people share relatable stories. Great way to show empathy and create closeness.

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From my experience,this seems to be a huge divide between two different styles of communication. I’ve seen it usually described as the difference between NT and ND communication, but I really think it’s just a difference in how people relate to each other. Some people love hearing stories about similar scenerios. Some hate it. No reason to feel guilty if you prefer to communicate this way.


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