Artists save me

They save me all of the time.

It’s wonderful for me to have them around, i love them and what they do.

I find them to be an essential part of any world, they make it live in important ways, they make it shine.

I wish that i could do it, creativity has never been a part of me though.

Cheers to the artists of the world.


i am with you , i love art and the people who create it.
dance, art, sculpting, film, music…it is all fantastic.
take care

Yes, i was just thinking about the dance the other day, i could never dance for fun really, it just wasn’t fun to me and felt really akward.

But the creative dance is really nice and i enjoy that stuff.

Im starved for art at this point and have only seen one symphony my entire life, it was moving.

Am i creative at all, nope, maybe thats why i enjoy it so much.

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the only culture we have outside of sydney and melbourne in australia is what you find on the top of yoghurt !!
some how the amatuer performances set up by the local ’ a ’ type personalities doesn’t cut it !!
we did have ’ dancing with the stars ', starring the local mayor ,and the local version of ’ master chef ’ starring again the local mayor and his wife, a double special treat.
we are waiting in anticipation for the local version of ’ carmen ’ and you guessed starring the local mayor in a cameo role…
take care

My art is rather grim but I think it shows the beauty in my psychosis. Its under a post called My decent in art form posted a few months ago. Its a series of skulls representing my stages of psychosis.

Huh i just looked for it but its not there. Maybe I should repost it

Well thats a shame, hopefully one day your thirst for it can be satiated.

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Yeah, that would be a good recap, let’s see them again shall we?

Pretty please.

I can’t remember them in detail but do remember being disgusted, they weren’t bad drawings, im not saying that but having had my own descent i must be disgusted at them, i just know what it feels like.

I wouldn’t call it art, but another type of dance that i enjoy watching is the tribal dances, i wouldn’t watch the entire thing but they can go for hours upon hours and get very high doing so.

They have very interesting dances i think.

Third one is hard for me to look at even though I made it and its on the wall in my bedroom. It represents the active phase of psychosis in paranoid schizophrenia

They’re me by the way- narrow and with a prominent chin

Yes, now i remember, good drawings but they are horrible.

Perhaps one fine day you can draw better things, hopefully these drawings will morph into something else.

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Yeah theyre hard for me to look at.
I should make a new series showing recovery…the last one was when I started to recover on medication but was sedated half of the day and then psychotic again when they wore off. Now I take meds morning and night, meds only at night made me fall asleep, wake up sedated as hell and then wear off in the afternoon.

I enjoy the details and shading on the first one.