Artistic preferences scale

These are your results on the Artistic Preferences Scales. The APS measures three scales. Scores for each scale are presented in terms of percentiles. Scores range from 0 to 99, and represent what percent of other people you score higher than.

Scale 1: Intolerance of Abstraction

Factor 1, consists of pairs of items the contrast abstract paintings with paintings of potentially real scenes. Your score was 52.

Scale 2: Preference for Photorealism
Factor 2 measures a preference for how much you prefer your artwork to look like photographs. Low scorers tend to prefer painterly works, where the brush strokes are visible. Your score was 86.

Scale 3: Masculinity-Femininity

Factor 3, consists of pairs of items the contrast warm and emotional pictures with emotionally bleak pictures and stark landscapes. This scale is unlike scale 1 and scale 2 in that it is mostly about the artwork’s content than its form. The factor is labelled masculinity-femininity because it is the only scale that shows large gender differences (the average man scores 35 and the average woman scores 65). Your score was 98

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Intolerance for Abstraction: 17
Preference for Photorealism: 34
Masculinity-Femininity: 85

Intolerance for Abstraction: 52
Preference for Photorealism: 25
Masculinity-Femininity: 33