Article: Schizoaffective disorder as 'an interesting puzzle'

An interesting puzzle: Schizoaffective disorder

By Kyle Harvey
The Visalia Times-Delta

It’s been more than 10 years since Susan’s adult son was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and about two years since the “big bang,” the moment Susan says her son finally broke down and accepted treatment – not just tolerated it, but actually embraced it.The journey that reunited her with her son and led to vast improvements in the quality of his life wasn’t easy. For years, Susan, a longtime Visalian, has committed to educating herself about mental illness and has worked tirelessly to get back the son she once allowed to walk away.

She calls him her “rescued treasure.”

People diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder experience symptoms associated with both schizophrenia – such as hallucinations or delusions – and mood disorder, which includes mania or depression. Fearing the stigma attached to mental illness, Susan’s son, a graduate of a Visalia high school, asked that his name be left out of this story.

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