Art Journal

I got a new camera so I thought I’d share some pages from my art journal.

This one has some modeling paste built up on it and then I scratched a plaid pattern on it with a fork.

This one has a background collage of scrapbooking paper then I painted on the tree in acrylic and stamped on the flowers and bird.

This one I carved the sunflower rubber stamp and did the background with gelatos which are a crayon like medium.
For the tree I created a stencil out of hot glue and then spray painted around it and then drew on the tire swing.


That’s lovely! I like the one with the flowers and blue background :smile:

Here’s some more:
Watercolor leaf and some acorns.

Watercolor goldfish and practice sailboat for the wedding card.

Watercolor pencil feather and butterfly. I had problems with the butterfly, the ink ran.

Another practice sailboat and a watercolor robin.

This is a collage of all sorts of stuff. Modeling paste, spray ink, stamps, stencils, chipboard, glue dots.

Marker and spray ink stencils.


Thanks for sharing, its very creative! My mother also likes soft coloured watercolours, your work reminds me of her.

Thanks to your new camera, I able to see your artworks.

Very nice stuff, so creative and colorful.

I really like your work. I like water colors anyway.

Thank you for sharing. It looks amazing… and has given me some ideas for a new journal myself.

Since I’ve been feeling so down lately I only journal positive stuff, opposite to emotion. Makes me feel better, a little lighter.

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It is so clear in these that you enjoy working with these materials. Wonderful journal!

Very nice @Skims. Personally, I am a big fan of the watercolors. Me likey!

pretty. :smile: I like, well I liked all of them, but the first one reminded me of more modern art, which I prefer the most.