Art I'm starting to like

Michael Sowa’s work is starting to grow on me. What other art are other people into?

I didn’t realize that it was his artwork in the movie “Amelie”.

I love that movie.


I’m a huge fan of Mark Rothko. His simple color blocks speak volumes, without overtly saying anything.

My favorite is “Earth and Green”:


I’ve never heard of Mark Rothko before… Now I have… :smiley:

I like this piece. It reminds me of a window and symmetric stability at the same time.

Rothko was very popular in the 60s and 70s. He was a true tortured artist whose work was his life. He was also mentally ill and took his own life.

All of his paintings resemble this one. All like windows looking into different dimensions. But his specialty was color. He has some really bright and vivid paintings.

There’s actually a museum here in Houston dedicated soley to Rothko’s work. They have some paintings that are 20 feet tall!

It’s a beautiful meditative space!



Wow… I just looked up some of his work. I love the vivid red. I’m more of a blue and muted hue guy myself but his red is very energizing and not angry. I had no idea it was such a huge scale. That would be impressive.

I drew a lot in hospital. The doc said I should look into Van Gogh becase she could see some similar traits in my pictures. I’ve only seen one Van Gogh irl, on a museum.

I do like some of Van Gogh’s work due to the color use. But his dutch angle perspective and distorted space can be a little hard for me to take.

I like the art that has appeared lately, painting illusions on the ground.

I tend to go in kicks.
I have a love of Edward Hopper and his perspective. I love the serenity of some of his work.

I love the strangeness of Nick Bantock

But I’m deeply entrenched in an Emily Carr kick


Julian Beever is amazing. I am always blown away by his work.
This is all just a chalk drawing

I also like this one


i love art i could go and look at art galleries all day, if i find a painting that i love i can sit there and watch it for hours . thanks for posting this topic.
take care

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It blows me away too that this is made of plants and flowers.


My favorite artist with one of my favorite songs. Vincent Van Gogh and Don McClean.’
Interesting because I liked him way before I got ill. Kind of ironic.


that was beautiful.
take care

There was an Australian gal I liked on an earlier version of these boards who was terribly postive in all her replies to other folks, but would sometimes go off on have she was an awful person spawned from Hell.

When I lost everything I owned in a fire a few years back, she send me some of her original paintings, which I had framed and are on my walls in my bedroom, from where I type now.

Another mentally ill gal made a macrame for me when I lost all my art work in the fire. Then, I have some crosses and other wooden pieces from family members. So, I’m not so terribly sophisticated or educated about art, but I do have some!


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It never has to be fancy or sophisticated. It just as to be something to appeals to you. If it does that, then it’s perfect.

This is really nice. I like the song. I like the fact that this spans almost his whole range of work. Not just the “top hits” so to speak. I’ve personally always liked his early work. :smiley:

It’s not highbrow, but I came across this artist a while back and really like his work. I’m a sci-fi/fantasy nut so this is right up my alley.

Here is one of my favorites.


It doesn’t have to be “highbrow” this piece is very beautiful. The amount of detail is stunning.
My Dad is an art and history teacher and he’s been trying for years to tell people that art is a reflection of the effort and the emotions put into it. If it speaks to you, then it’s perfect.