Art Bell, his show and alien abductions

In the 1990s I enjoyed listening Art Bell’s radio show. People called in and told about alien abductions, how they had seen some big hairy men, the Big Foot and UFOs. Maybe these really exist in the world, but ordinary people do not want to believe. Who knows? For example, that flying object with three lights is real and it seems to appear when the peace of the world is in danger. Maybe it is the way how aliens want to save the world from the world war. Who knows? But many people have seen this, some when they have been kids decades ago and some just recently. Maybe aliens are among us already. Who knows?

My first hallucination was a grey alien.

Later i also saw a ufo.

Even laterer i learned that shaman are out in the jungle as we speak eating dmt seeing the same things that i did. I wasn’t on any drugs when i saw them though, they can show up when they please, no drugs required.

I also began looking at the clock at 333 over and over again, like “the fourth kind” movie, the first time i had was 3, just like in emily rose the movie, although im not claiming anything in that movie was true the way it was portrayed, but the whole 3 oclock thing was true.

Some shaman say they even have children with them, it even ruined one guy’s marriage, can you believe that?!

Abductions, nde’s, shaman spirit walks, hallucinations caused by a witch at a bar, they are all the same thing, visionary virtual reality things in our minds.

Second time they showed up they were even in my dreams, real as anything else we do, in there growling and moaning and ■■■■, i was also levitating in it.

I listen to coasttocoastam all the time. My delusions never really focused on aliens so much (even though alien abduction would be a way to explain it). My delusions were more of a religious nature or that God was behind it all, or the devil.

I had the whole “im jesus” thing once, it sounded like me and felt like me, but directly after thinking it they said “see, thats how we do that to people.”

Why would they sit out there with me all night and tell me that? It’s not comfortable.