Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions anybody?

Start @ 1:47

Aries Spears man he cracks me up.

the only thing that comes a mind.
is you: lack discipline

and that pretty much sums me up.

Arnold blew it big time when he pissed off Mexico. Make stupid comments and your not welcome back. Duh.

but he was the Governor…

arent you allowed too make stupid comments, when you are the

The beauty of the U.S.A. (EEUU) is that you are free to say what’s on your mind. But beauty doesn’t always come with brains.
Common sense dictates you don’t piss off an entire country if you want the money from movie theater ticket sales.
Can you say boycott the movie equals no dinero?

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but he was the Governor…

But he was stupid.
Same thing.

He had an illegitimate child with his housekeeper, which means he cheated on his wife. While he was running for governor, several women came forth and said he groped them on movie sets, he admits he took steroids and smoked pot and had orgies in his body-building competition days. And while he was governor he ran California into the ground and made us bankrupt. But anyone who can play “The Terminator” is alright in my book. And I think " The Running Man" was his most underrated movie.

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