Arkansas will give you $10,000 and a mountain bike to move there

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Well, I live in Little Rock, Arkansas and haven’t heard that one. Little Rock is the State’s largest Metropolitan Statical Area which includes several cities/suburbs.

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I was once in Little Rock 20 years ago. I drove from LA to Miami. I just stayed one evening there.

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Little rock has a good mountain bike park

You have to have a full time job, before you move there.

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…Neighboring States report mass exodus of people on brand new mountain bikes…

I had in laws in Arkansas and drove through a lot of it. It was nice up in Fayettesville. Really nice places to hike and stuff and always enjoyed visiting up that way all those years ago.


The only family vacation we ever took when I was a kid was to visit cemeteries in Arkansas.

I have a little blue bird glass figurine that was made in Fayetteville. Apparently, they are known for these “bluebird of happiness” glass figurines.

Perhaps they should give $10000 and a mountain bike and a Bluebird of Happiness to entice people to move to Arkansas. :smile:


My cousin’s family is in Arkansas.

I would love to live in a rural state like Arkansas.

There are a lot of rural areas to my state but they get hit by tornadoes a lot. :frowning:


We’ve been getting a lot of tornados in n IL lately.

My sister is about 35 miles from me and she had an EF-5 go thru her town a few years back. She got a new roof


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