aripiprazole HELP

I’ve recently been put on 5 mg of aripiprazole witch has been upped to 10 mg after 1 week can sonbebody help me out and tell me how these tablets are


It worked really well for me with minimal side effects for like 7 years. It’s a good med.


I’m on abilify. It’s working out for me.

Get a blood test every 6 months to make sure it’s not raising your blood sugar. It raised mine and they had to put me on metformin to counteract that.

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I’m on 60mg abilify plus two other aps

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Great ap one of the best for young people . Many people had good improvements I am taking it with one other ap

i takr 15 mgs the only side effect it a little weight gain

I’m on Abilify and it’s a really good medication.

I’m on aripiprazole and it does the job for me. Hope it works out well for you.