Ariel, the lion of god

Ariel, the supposed protector of all of nature and all of animal kind. People are also animals.

She is either not doing her job, to weak to do it, or completely incompetant. Because none of these things are being or have ever been protected.

Does she also protect humans? Humans are also natural and also animals. People also destroy nature.

And if she protects any of these things, as you claim she does, then how in the hell is that insanity supposed to work anyway?

One would have to either protect nature or animals, not both, nature tortures and kills animals, you’d have to leave behind the elements to care for the animals, can’t do both, one would have to alter nature and not protect it and keep it in it’s natural state to do this.

And how does one protect all of animal kind anyway? To do that you’d have to remove the carnivores completely, or alter them from what they naturally do, and she isn’t doing that at all. And also to protect the veggie eaters you’d have to keep them from harming eachother as well, which they constantly do to eachother.

One would go completely mad trying to protect all of nature and all of animal kind at once, nature tortures and kills animals, and animals torture and kill eachother from the top all the way to the bottom.

So, to protect all of these things at the same time you’d have to destroy all of these things at the same time because they all destroy eachother.


The “lion of God”. This liar and manipulator of a being stalks about devouring us all when he can, making a meal of everything that we are, like that sick ■■■■ in “needful things” by stephen king, he ate that place very quickly, i didn’t know that when i read that book firstly that the entire planet was just a huge castle rock(can’t remember the name of the town/is that right?).

You call him “ariel”. Has alot of names at this point, alot of names, to many names.

I don’t make the claims, it’s historical, by many people over the millenia.

God commissions to care for earth…doesn’t mean everything is perfect, but we see where it can lead when people abuse the environment…pollution, disease, adverse weather patterns.

Sure animals kill other animals, and humans kill animals and plants to eat…but all of that is for living…it’s a balance and a circle…it’s when things are killed needlessly and there are wars, then it is a problem.

And since certain things do intend harm, wouldn’t there also be a need for a protector?

If your expecting help or a sign from God. You better start smelling your own farts.

But I DO smell them…to make sure I don’t offend anyone if I have to let one rip in public!

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What’s with all these angel and demon forums? I thought it was only me lol…Ariel huh? Isn’t he one of the holy guardian angels? I dunno I think they help you more than you think if you’re religious. I wouldn’t really want to bother something like that though truthfully…

Seems like a nice small town to me…