Argument 4 the forum

Ok so this is the best time to argue some voices some discussion with the entire forum.
So the rules are simple you will argue your case and if you don’t succeed in wining you will have to drop out or leave it out for some other time.

I’ll start the argument and mine goes like this: What is the reason behind my voices always calling me names don’t they know that I am just a regular boy.

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I would guess because those names are insecurities you have. One theory of voices is that they are thoughts that accidentally get processed in the auditory processing center of our brains instead of the area designated for thoughts. Distressing thoughts are more likely to come back again and again because your brain deems them important due to the amount of emotional response you have to them.


Believe me they are no insecurities here just the fear of those repeated words being jot down in my mind as a repetition tactic. I swear I don’t understand these things, Ugh I need a better squad.

How would this explain my voices speaking nonsense, such as the grass being blue or sometimes incoherent sentences?

Sometimes thoughts are incoherant.

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My voices are pretty nice to me. Still, I would prefer they stop talking altogether. That would bring me a lot of peace.

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Don’t listen to the voices when they say incoherent thing. Just say your wild, at least that’s what works for me

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Haven’t you ever heard of bluegrass? It’s real.@RottenApple

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