ARGH, I could have had a car

My van is broken down and med transport here sucks.

I just asked the little old ladies here at the library that come in to quilt if they could keep an eye out for cheap running cars for me.

One just GAVE AWAY a car. If she knew I had needed it, she would have given it to me. Given. ARGH.


Darn…The squeaky wheel, I guess.


Yeah. I should have let them know months ago. Blah.


Well I hope you find something soon. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:


I have a 2002 Kia Optima right now. It needed the transmission fixed. I had it repaired, however, with the amount I spent I could have probably found another used car. Hopefully, your van doesn’t cost that much to repair. It might be a good idea to look into used cars if the reparation cost is too high.

As for riding public transportation, I know the feeling of having to wait for the bus. Heck, sometimes I had to run to the bus stop to make it on time. Not sure if you play video games, there is a free phone game called Orna GPS RPG. I found it to be a good time waster when waiting for the bus. It’s also neat because it is GPS based, it’s one of those Pokémon Go type games where walking a few thousand steps is often a daily quest. Here is the link, just in case.

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I can’t get it repaired. The frame has a bad spot and the mechanic won’t touch it. I’ve looked at used cars but they are way out of my price range right now. You cannot buy anything decent here for $1500 or less. Anything in that range here has problems and needs fixing, but people still want and arm and a leg for them.


I heard prices of second hand cars went up in the States. Talking about bad timing.

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Yeah, that’s one thing I dislike about having purchased used cars in my life. They always have some problems. My first car always had battery problems. It did last me over 15 years before it started having serious problems. I ended up selling it to a mechanic for 300 dollars. My second car, the Kia Optima had transmission problems early on after purchasing it. Also one window wouldn’t go back up.

When it was being repaired I considered just leaving it at the shop and getting a different used car for near the price, I ended up deciding against that because I didn’t want to have to worry about new used car problems. Hopefully this car lasts a good 8 years at least.

Well, people are always giving away cars. Just wait a week or two and I’m sure someone will have one for you.

Maybe you need to go and sit in Oprah’s audience.

Pretty much, at this rate. Oprah, help!


it wasn’t meant to be. Praise be.

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That sucks!!!

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Sorry to hear this is uber an option where you live?

If its free its probably in bad condition.

No, it wasn’t. It was an Xterra and in very good condition. She gave it to her son to use, though.

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