Are Zypadhera,Clozaril 100mg and Rispedal 4mg possible to take together?

Hello everyone.
I am Stefano and I am 26 years old.
I will try to be very short in describing my therapeutic path.
My current psychiatric therapy is: 1/2 pill Clozaril (100 mg) in the morning; 1 pill+1/2 pill (100 mg) Clozaril (clozapine) in the evening;1 Rispedal pill (4 mg - Risperidone) in the evening;
Gabapentin (100 mg - anxiolytic) in the evening.
In all my therapeutic path, I have visited 4 psychiatrists.

  • The first psychiatrist diagnosed me a ‘‘bipolar disorder’’ advising me a therapy of Olanzapine pills and some drops of Aldohol.
  • The second psychiatrist diagnosed me a ‘‘paranoid schizophrenia’’ so, as first he tested pills of quetiapine but after some months he definitely confirmed for me a monthly injection of Zypadhera 405mg (intramuscolar injection of Zypadhera)
  • The third psychiatrist also confirmed me the injection of Zypadhera, just adding the carbamazepamine
  • The fourth and current psychiatrist diagnosed me a schizoaffective schizophrenia and a psychosis, advising me the current therapy written up.
    From January 2015 until (about) March 2017 I’ve taken a monthly injection of Olanzapine 405 mg (Zypadhera) and after some months of start of therapy, I felt very good.
    However, when I missed an injection of Zypadhera (I was in Poland and I was in late to meet the nurse), my father decided to take me to the fourh and current psychiatrist
    I want to ask you: is it possible to take monthly injection of Zypadhera (405 mg or lower) with Clozaril and Rispedal together?
    (I mean: mixing the current therapy with the monthly injection of Olanzapine/Zypadhera?)
    Thank you for your attention.

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