Are zombies a religion

After movies were made a series on TV millions of followers I wondered if this was a religion of some kind it seemed to affect a lot of people including one of my sons I firmly believe it is possible so please take the time to vote on this

  • A yes
  • B No
  • C can’t tell yet

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Zombies are horror movie stuff and not real. They are not a religion in my opinion.

I think zombies got popular with people bcuz they could imagine what they would do to survive if the world ended, I have a theory that many people want an apocalyptic event to happen to break from the monotony and corruption of our modern world. I wouldn’t say a religion but it is a popular topic now, there are people that live to prepare for doomsday events called “preppers”

Every time I see one I say, “Holy crap.”

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Meds make me a zombie.


Dumbest things in zombie movies:

Three. Fast Zombies
Two. Irregular “turning” rates for bitten victims
One. Calling zombies “walkers” “biters” or “shamblers” for no good reason at all, just call them zombies!

Best thing in zombie movies:

One. The zombie who figured out to wear a metal helmet to avoid headshots. He’s in a more recent zombie movie and when I saw him I was like holy crap this is genius.

I tried using numbers instead of words but it corrected the order automatically for some weird reason so I had to use words to get the rankings in the right order.

I don’t think they qualify as a religion though, just a very popular subgenre of horror.

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I believe zombies, per se, are not a religion, but they’ve historically been part of the voodoo religion. That said, I believe most people who practice modern-day voodoo regard zombies as myth, but not all.

Thus I voted yes.

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