Are your voices ever sympathic

And know how to wind you up about other people and annoyances?

My voices will bring up issues no one has brought up to my face and make me feel self pity for myself and a sense of indignation.

My voices have great prowess in filling in the Missing Pieces if that makes sense.

Yes. There are several females that are sympathetic. They are high energy, forgiving, and very adamant about helping. One in particular is basically always there.

Whether real or imagined doesn’t matter at this point. I’m trying to shoo away the last of atagonists - which is some kind of homosexual incubus. He isn’t sympathetic about anything, he wants one thing & one thing only and it distracts from everything I’m trying to do in real life.

I mean really, he is fairly attractive looking, because of how feminine he is, but now is not the time & place to be creating romances.

The females primarily want me to masturbate when they come around and give me hour long erections. I think their job is to “let out the animal” in me. Check out my post on “a visit from a succubus” to get the gist of it. These entities from what I can tell prey on weakness; we break free from the shackles by being strong. We may not be able to break the chain in this life, but we may be able to loosen it.

What is considered a virtue in Christianity will not help you in this situation. Strive for more ancient virtues, like strength, courage, intelligence, etc. In certain forms of paganism it is considered an insult to the gods to be weak; in modern Christianity it seems to be about just how “well behaved” you are, which will drive you nuts in this situation.

Unsure what you mean by ‘sympathic’? Is this a typo? Not a real world in English.


Yes it is a typo.

If you meant sympathetic, no. My voices are full-on nasty and terrifying. They’re like fingernails on the chalkboard of my soul.


they can be but it’s always turned around again at some point so i tend not to take it seriously.

Ok guys, time to lift weights. I skipped yesterday, so it has to be today. Yesterday it was extremely hot. I must appease the gods and keep myself strong!

OK, I am finished with my main work outs. Next is the pull down lat bar, rows, bench press, (possibly) more push ups, and 25 pound dumbbell bicep curl and press.

OK, I finished all my exercises. Excellent. Now I just need to take my nightly NAC and maybe have a beer. I take NAC at night now because if I take it in the morning I feel funny later on from it. It also is good to take before drinking to curb hang overs.

And I totally forgot: episode 2 of season 2 of the leftovers was on tonight. This season diverges from the book and does not look as good, but I’ll see.