Are your voices emotional?

Do your voices sound or behave emotional? Mine have expressed different emotions, including some “alien” emotions/states that I have never heard in real life or TV, ones that I can’t describe. Not sure how this is possible.

In addition to this, my schizophrenia can put all kinds of auditory vibes to voices and other sounds. Some vibes I can describe like making music sound like death, others I can’t describe.

Mine ack like little kids and throw tantrums when some thing good is happening to me

Yes the entities have done something similar to this with any sound/frequency/vibration I interact with. They can create music at random times as well and cause me to experience emotions/feelings that I cannot explain with words.

Do they give u feelings for what they say?

Yes they have done this.

The voices I hear mostly seem to be very random in how they express themselves. A voice is behaving really happy right now, but says they are not happy, they have no emotions and are just pretending.

Yes they can be very emotional.

Sometimes I hear wailing too its really annoying.

I mean not atm but in the past.

The worst is wen I heard my mum

Defo emotional

they are emotional at times and try to cause psychosis too.

If sarcasm is an emotion

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Do you get fealings that you are gonna get tortured for ever?

My “voices”, (Now Thus is Personal Truth So Don’t Get Offended), But My “voices” Are Actual Living Creatures.

In Short, Friends of Mine.

Blubird, Introduced Herself to Me a Few Years Back. Very Kind, Sometimes Humorous. And Always Answers Any Question I May or May Not Have.

My Last Therapist Once Asked Me as We Stepped into Her Office, ‘How’s Blubird Doing’?.

I Laughed And Told Her She Was Doing Great.

Point is, I Am Still Waiting For One Person, Jus One. To Admit That Their “voices” Are Friends.

Dying Breed I Suppose… . … :100:

That sucks. That really sucks.

I can only imagine the pain of someone who has/had so many friends.

Now, they’ve all just turned into voices …

I Once Trusted Everyone I Have Ever Met.

Found Out During a Very Dangerous Spiritual Storm That People Can Be Completely Meaningless. With No Real Actual Purpose Within The Blue Cocoon Known as Earth… . … :100:

Thanx 4 ur Feedbak @DNA,

Have a Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And or Nite (!!!)… . … :100:

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I could make my voices scream angrily or panicky with the vacuumcleaner trick I discovered. When hallucinating, turn on the vacuumcleaner and put your fingers in the hose, play around a bit so you can pitch the white noise from the machine. My voices would adjust their tone of voice accordingly. Gave me a sense of control over them which helped coping. I would attribute a great deal of power and authority to them, with this, I got some back for myself.

Could be a sprirt guide

What . In Your Personal Definition is a Spirit Guide (???)… . … :100:

One who a guiding voice that helps you in life

Seems Plausible

Yeah, I thought that too while I was psychotic, but they’re just figments of our imaginations, not real people. For the longest time, I wouldn’t even call them voices, but for better or for worse, that’s all that they are.

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