Are your pets look for there Xmass Gifts


Nice cat DrZen!

The prettiest eyes!

Hahaha we have a stocking for our dog. She’s old and needs routine so Christmas always freaks her out, she doesn’t really understand what’s going on. Usually we just give her a bone and she runs off and hides until the festivities are over :sweat_smile:


i am getting leo and kaisei blue hornworms for christmas and new uvb bulbs. the dogs are getting toys i don’t know about the cats or birds

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I really hope that my dog that I gave up for adoption has a good Holiday Season with his new family.

I miss him so much :cry:

The dogs I hope to buy a bone or treat for.

My neigher got a expensive vet visit and farrier visit.

I may give her a banana and Save up for a lesson in horsemanship and bonding etc doing obstacles but I may not afford it till next year which would be a late Xmas gift.