Are your delusions interesting?

Sometimes I think that my delusions would make a very interesting sci-fi book if I would care enough to detail them and write them out.

That would mean that we may have a clear (evolutinoary?) purpose on this society?

Are your delusions interesting regarding their plot?


I think my unusual beliefs are interesting enough for a book too ! I’ll never get around to actually writing one though…


No way, if I write a book about them it will get banned and I will be in trouble. There is nothing good in delusions, its all bad.


Yes, but too scatter brained and stupid.

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You should at least write some short essays about them, @everhopeful.

I feel like our unusual beliefs might be similar in some regards. :slight_smile:

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No. I would have realized mine came with plot holes if I was sane at the time. Recommend people skip over my crap and watch some X-Files reruns. Better writing.

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Oh they were totally interesting. That’s how I got sucked Into it all.
My dad said it would make a good story lol. So I wrote one of my episodes and he decided he’d of rather not read it lol. Mainly because it’s unfortunate what happened.

Soooo past is past. Move forward

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My delusions are horrifying!
I certainly would call them interesting.
Maybe something Stephen King would create.


Some of my delusions have been pretty horrifying too. Others have been pretty grandiose.

I think God talking to a 17 year old boy is pretty interesting. Might make for a good TV show.

My delusions are creepy last Halloween I thought a witch fell in love with me and was collecting souls by starting a war in Africa to keep me company when she collects my soul

Trigger warning: My delusions made buying stupid stuff an action movie, because if I didnt buy it then they will hurt my family. For example I would get this random impulse and I believed if I didn’t buy whatever the random item was then they would break into my house. I didnt recognize it as a delusion because I though it was normal. I finally gained insight through an intense conversation with a friend. I won’t go into a ton of detail about who they are because I don’t want to get flagged or trigger anyone, but it was an expensive delusion.

Maybe to someone in a coma who had no choice whether to listen or not.

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Sorry but I wish I knew more about what’s really going on in the World than to live in delusions. Doing otherwise has done a lot of harm to others.

One time in my minds eye I saw Jesus spinning through the air flying at light speed up into the sky straight up into the stars. Then these 2 giant red snake pythons jumped up to attack. Then a huge lion was roaring on top of a cloud and he jumped down onto this big brightly colored rainbow to battle the snakes.

I could see it with my eyes open too it’d was just on autopilot in my mind. Anytime I closed my eyes it would be right there.

I believe there called CEV closed eye hallucinations. Apparently you have to be high on hallucinogens for that to happen in such detail… Well apparently not for me as I wasn’t on anything.

I saw tons of strange stuff like this for years off and on.

I honestly saw so many detailed ones It would be impossible to make up

I used to look forward to it, wondering what id see the next time it happened

I have some of the worst delusions. But I have a small benefit sometimes but rare…

I hate the delusions, paranoia, and fear or hallucinations that my life is in danger and that I will be hurt really bad or my loved ones. Had that for years. It’s still in the back of my mind, but I sometimes feel I’m on another Earth, different reality, and that my behavior has changed and I can control my thoughts and words better this time.

I made it to thirty and hope to have more birthdays. I believe ET was behind my suffering mainly as they can control the timelines in my opinion and control the simulation.

My delusions used to evolve around Scientology.

Then I thought the FBI was targeting me or testing me for some reason.

My delusions were so frightening. I wouldn’t call them interesting, definitely perplexing though.

When I try to intellectualize my schizophrenia, I think my mind just tapped into some drastic changes America was going through. And it was my mind’s way of comprehending the rise in the police state.


its tricky to figure out how delusions came about.

i think mine came from when i thought i almost died from too many drugs and alcohol one night. I thought i could see a stairway was leading to heaven. then i lived and it was like i had been given a second chance. 3 months later i went to a church camp to work as a councelor.
I was already full blown hallucinating when I arrived but the ‘visions’ were accepted at this place. What a perfect storm I tell ya. The other councelors were wondering how I was so gifted lol! and that I was so ‘anointed’.
Welp I went totally off the rails after I was done there. took another few months before it got really bad. then it just continued for another 6 months cuz I wasn’t taken to the ward.

kinda got off track there. but that was basically how i ended up with religious themed delusions.

I actually think my delusions could of been anything I had been focused on as my mind was so easily warped at the time.
I am not religious anymore. Im not sure who would be after something like that.

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I don’t have delusions anymore. Just a plain old boring life. Can’t complain too much though, I enjoy a lot of it.

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