Are you watching sports right now

Rangers penguins game 7
Bruins hurricanes game 7
Bucks Celtics game 7 tomorrow
Mavericks suns game 7 tomorrow
Yankees are having one of their best years ever how bout them. So far so good for them.


yo I’m watching the USFL lol


My Leafs play game 7 tonight vs the Lightning.


I dunno all the hockey. I heard there’s 6 game 7s tho

Rangers are my team. Hope they win. Crosby might not play

I’m watching the USFL

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What’s the usfl

United States Football League

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I wanna go to a Yankees Red Sox game at Fenway park and my parents said no they’d rather go to Yankees game at Yankee stadium. My mom said “I’d be devastated if they lost”. I said Yankees are the best team in the league red Sox are the worst. And I’ve never been to Fenway park. But I’ve been to Yankees stadium and plus Boston is cool

I’m watching Eurovision Song Contest

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