Are you video-idiot? Sometimes I am

I watch a lot of videos, mostly American and some Finnish, sometimes I feel that I am a video-idiot. Back in the 1980s we invented a new word in Finnish ‘vidiootti’ meaning ‘a video-idiot’. However, I am lucky that I can watch these English language videos without any subtitles.

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I’m not big into video’s. I think its because I didn’t grow up in a house with mtv. My parents live out in the boonies and didn’t get cable until 2000 so I never saw mtv till I went off to college and could never get into watching them. Now I can watch a few at a time. Mostly educational stuff. Like I learned how to properly dice an onion, how to harvest rhubarb, braid my hair, etc…

I watch primarily movies. Recently I watched one Finnish movie in which a teenager was commited to the mental hospital, but as this movie evolved it turned out that this teenager was not crazy but his mother was who then was commited to the same mental hospital and the teenager moved to Sweden to stay with his father. Some Finnish movies are very realistic, which is good. I like American movies also because these are generally well produced although some movies may still be poor quality. At our public library there are the great number of movies and I often borrow these. At flea markets you may get a movie at 2 euros. Once I got 12 movies free. I just like to watch movies. Some psychological movies are also great and of course, Jason Bourne’s adventures are great.

In the 1980s there were these video formats, VHS and Beta. The younger generations may have never watched movies in these formats. Nowadays nobody does. But then there were great movies: Deer Hunter, Rambo, Escape from New York, Tequilla Sunrise and many others. I suppose I have always liked movies. Once I lived in my auto one month in Hollywood in 2001 and I met some people at the Mormon church who were involved in the movie industry. When I lived in my auto in Miami I went to watch movies every Friday on the campus of Florida International University. One Marine Corp Force Recon Michael followed me and what I did. Sometimes when I lived in my auto I felt that my life was a movie. Good stories from those times, 12-14 years ago. Tom Hank’s movies are generally great. Da Vinci Code and others.

Recently I watched a movie ‘What just happened’ in which Robert DeNiro acts as a movie producer. One funny thing is that in Nov 2000 he was at the last political event of Al Gore in Miami Beach during the Presidential race. I was there too and I jumped over one fence, went through the invited crowd in my efforts to have a handshake with Al Gore. I got so close that I was five meters from Al Gore and could not have a handshake, but I still remember all those good looking Secret Service agents guarding Gore while he walked. There were also SS agents on the roof tops of Ocean Drive buildings in Miami Beach. Just a week before I had visited Al Gore’s campaign office in Washington D.C. Well, George W. Bush was elected which then started the war on terrorism. My thinking is that if they had paid Al Qaida 200 million dollars, there would have not been the 9-11 event and the world would be different. Well. you can not change the history.

We get xfinity streampix, which gives us unlimited free movies. Most are older movies, but enough are only a few years old, I don’t care.
I enjoy watching the movies on Telemundo-the Spanish channel too, they dub many american films into spanish.
My favorites are the “foreign films” such as Japanese, Chinese, Deutsch, French, subtitled in spanish, no english to be found.
There are some pretty bizarre movies out there, and more bizarre, the better!

I like to watch movies so that I do not need to read subtitles. Some Swedish movies are also great.

I prefer no subtitles, but I don’t always read (or understand) the subtitles either.

I have a funny story. I completed my military service in one unit that was meant for invalids. This was 22 years ago and I was a scribe and eventually I was promoted to the rank of corporal. Sometimes when I got too stressed in the unit I assigned myself to a guard duty. Basically, I went from the unit to another location where I took some radiation measurements. No nuclear war was present any time. Most of the time I watched movies there in the guard place. I thought that was funny to watch movies during one’s military service. I have always liked movies and of course this new technology has enabled people to watch movies around the world.

you could watch this one:
It’s Kind of a Funny Story, about
A clinically depressed teenager gets a new start after he checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward.

it can be very,very recognisable, at some times even funny,sad, and heartwarming.
so i must recommend it