Are you smoking canabis?

Well, I asked my doctor about one study, that says that canabis can be used instead of normal antipshitoics. She sajd to me that, firstly the university teached her that the canabis makes positive simpotms more strong. But she said that some of her people with shyzophrenia says that the canabis make them feels alrght and reduca the negative simptoms.

I dont want to use canabis for me, because in my country it is illegeal, and I dont know what I am buying, there is no canabis for medical use,

Please share to me, your expireince


I’ve never smoked pot after I got schizophrenia. I figured my mind was wonky enough as it is. Marijuana has always made me paranoid and I am paranoid enough. But people react to it in very different ways. It is like schizophrenia in that way.

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Nah, me neither, never cared for the smell of it.

never tried it…tried smoking once and didn’t like it, never tried anything else…figured it was just another habit I couldn’t afford.

I used to smoke it. For the first few hours after… my voices went away and I felt happy. Then my hallucinations got stronger and more colorful. That was sort of fun.

As I continued, the immediate effects were nice, but I was growing more and more paranoid all the time. When I wasn’t high, I was sliding into deeper and deeper depression. for me… when I was stoned, I’d forget to take my meds.

Soon it was like… smoke large amounts of pot to get a good effect, then when those effects wore off sooner, I was left with more paranoia, more disorganized thinking, more negative symptoms… then it started messing with my sleep schedule… then I was much more paranoid and my head circus started amping up.

I slipped around this time last year. Six years previous I was clean and drug free… except for June, July and August of last year where I was thinking “what would be the harm in just little, I’m doing so well now.”

Well, I nearly relapsed fully and I’m ashamed of how I acted in those three months. I can not believe I didn’t loose my job. Even though I had stopped smoking pot in August… It took all the way through October to get my paranoia and the rest of my head circus back under control.

I know some who can smoke it, and love to smoke it… but for me… my high times are long over. It really made me worse. I do feel my break in November was caused by the last little kick leaving my system. Have no idea how I didn’t end up in hospital.

Then of course it was time to play on the med adjustment see saw all over again.

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I consider cannabis an antipsychotic although I still take my antipsychotic meds prescribed by a pdoc. I will never stop taking my meds, but the weed does help me greatly with anxiety. and boredom. I love to listen to music intently when I smoke cannabis. It enriches my life.

I am not a pot smoker, I don’t do drugs, except for my meds. I used to experiment with marijuana in college, honestly for me it was not a negative experience. While smoking it, I cracked up with laughter and it had a tranquilizing effect on me. The following day however I felt mild paranoia and some anxiety - but it was nothing like my experience I had with the psychedelic - Mescaline, this is the drug that triggered me into full blown SZA land. I am for legalizing marijuana even though I am personally not in favor of smoking it myself. Alcohol is way more damaging to the body and liver than marijuana, and there are not many cases of motor vehicle accidents while being under the influence of marijuana like there is with alcohol. I think that they have got to stop throwing people who carry a small amount of marijuana on them in jail - this is for sure. Just my 2 cents on the issue

Shmokin the ganj? Ripping the reefer?

No. I am not.

I miss smoking pot. Have over 2 months clean now, and it’s been a terrible 2 months. I began drinking more alcohol because of it. I’d rather smoke than drink. I will smoke again, that is for certain.
It doesn’t help with the schizophrenia, but I don’t even care, I’m gonna die one day anyways.

I smoked it some when I was a teen and a couple of times since. I won’t touch the stuff now.

I don’t enjoy the high of cannabis that much. Alcohol is my drug of choice. I think alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis, but I like alcohol better. I smoked a pretty fair amount of weed in high school, a long time ago. I almost never bought it, but every time I turned around someone was handing me a joint. A lot of people just loved to see me get high. Alcohol has probably done more damage to me than weed. Weed isn’t harmless, but it is safer than alcohol. Alcohol incapacitates you so much. It ruins your judgement and you do stupid things. Sometimes violent things. I’ve always craved the alcohol high, though.

I never bought it either. I had a friend who really liked smoking it with me, I guess I was entertaining. He was a troubled kid, ended up killing himself. His name was Ralph.