Are you single or in relation?

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iam single and ill be for all my life.:slight_smile:


Should clarify to say that relationships with a voice don’t count.


I am with my man. Have known him for over 5 years. Love him dearly. We don’t live together, but maybe one day we will.

I have a boyfriend that I have been living with and together with for two years.

That’s a record for me.

After being sober and celibate for five years and still sober.

I love him and am pretty happy with him and our life in many ways.
I do not know if we could ever marry.
It’s not impossible.

I told him about schizophrenia before we met.

I love :two_hearts: him.
He is thoughtful like Ande and he is kind and good to me.


My former lover, (a female), is now a very good, platonic friend and we are both happily single and celibate. Me totally, her partially.

Kinda surprised there’s so many people in relationships. I need a dating app or site for asexuals. Tired of feeling impotent because of it.

I might undermine how precious he is to me.

Love :two_hearts: to you all and good wishes to us.

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