Are you shy when dressing

Are any of you shy about dressing in front of someone you just shagged?

I haven’t had sex in years, but from what I remember, I was a bit shy about it if I hadn’t had sex with that person before.

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I was never shy, but been years since I did any dating

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I would imagine that is a body confidence thing more than just general shyness.

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In And Out…,


I’m In!..,


I’m Out!..,

What is it We Are Doing Here (!!!)…,

When The Two Become One?.,

Hoo Said That (?!?)…,


(by) (the) (way)

Wear Protection…,

Because Some Diseases Won’t Go Away…,

Thus Much I Know…,

My Stupid Head an All…,

Mental “Illness”…,

And I Didn’t Even Enjoy The Night Before I Got Labelled…,


Fo Real Real (!!!)… . … :yum:

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I’m so shy about my body I stay partially clothed to have sex most of the time. The one exception was my husband, I felt comfortable with him because he preferred big women and he always made me feel pretty no matter my size. But yea I would leave my shirt or skirt or dress on to cover me partially to try to hide my belly during sex.

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Remember @Cici2

I Make The Rulez!!!,

So The Haterz Kan Shut The Fudge Dizzle UP UP AND AWAY (!!!)…

BATMAN (!!!)(!!!)(!!!) :crazy_face:

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(!!!) . SPIDERMAN JUICY JUICE . (!!!).

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Nope! If they can see me nekkid during Intercourse I don’t mind if they see me put clothes on :neutral_face:

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