Are you sensitive(irritable) ( poll)?

  • İ m sensitive to people behaviours
  • İ don t take offense easily against people’ s attitudes

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İ m not sure. my father also very sensitive to people behaviours thats why i m not sure if i get this from my father or its disease itself. İ m confused🙄

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Its definitely not the schizophrenia, if you were indifferent that would be a different story.

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Reaaaallly sensitive. It’s mostly CPTSD that makes me do that.

Annoyingly sensitive. I can’t function hearing even the least bit of voices and secret message ■■■■■■■■.

I’m also torn. I mostly DGAF, but I’m also very sensitive to some things. Just depends on the subject and the day.

I’m not very sensitive which allows some psychological space between other people and myself. A bit like a cushion in between.

i always tell myself that I am not easily offended
edit: its a power thought

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