Are you saying that at the same time I am saying that?

Just a minor issue have you ever tried talking at the same time as the variable voices, them repeating your every auditory motion specifically at the same time as you verbalise your vocabulary in string sentences. This is dodgy at the start as you have to gain a certain amount of control over something that is a controller on you, best done in a private residence, and you will be down a lot in relation to control over the group impact on the individual in relation to control.

This can be dangerous unless completely worked out to exhaustion, in public

My emotions are extremely null & void. I wouldn’t really have the inner drive to want to do such thing. For the most part, all the voices are quite calm, so are most of the visual hallucinations, it’s the deep pit of angry heat that sits and stresses me out - like an emotional hallucination, if that makes any sense.

It’s an interesting way to look into the nature of the conflicting “vocal systems,” for sure. (Maybe something therapists who help with “voice” problems should look into.)

i have done this many times…all it proves to me is that voices come from my own mind. i can say exactly what they are saying at exactly the same time they are saying it…proof positive of one mind split into differing identities in my opinion :slight_smile: which should make anyone happy. no telepathy, no thought broadcasting just a sleeping mind creating dream or rather nightmare characters in some cases. harking back to the thalumus research i think the idea that the regulation of sleep/wake cycles is fudged to put it mildly, i think it lends weight to the r.e.m. syndrome rather than what we know as schizophrenia. it may well be more a case of being asleep while you’re awake than being awake full stop. that’s my take on it anyway

Thanks very much.

Thanks very much. As I was saying i dont value anger in relation to my own problem.

Apparently there was some sort of Gesthalt therapy done before, I don’t know much about it though. Thanks very much.