Are you projecting on me?

So when I call certain republicans haters they say I’m projecting upon them what the hell does that mean?

You really don’t know?

No. Fifteen plus fifteen.

Why are you calling them?

Well they post a lot of negative stuff about Obama and I called them haters and they said I was projecting on them.

Oh, projecting means they feel your forcing your liberal beliefs on them.

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When someone says you are projecting on them, it kind of means you are making assumptions on them that come totally from you and are not true or you don’t really know if they’re true and might even be true about yourself but you are making it look like it is them with the problem. Clear? So when you say all republicans are haters, you are making an assumption that is not necessarily true but comes from your own mind.

OK I never heard it called that. I’m trying to see their point but it’s so infected you know?

it means they perceive you as a hater so you make them out to be haters…

I never came across like that though I’m obviously open to opinions but it gets offensive.

Personally I think hater is a pejorative term used to describe people who are putting negative feelings out there. And I view republicans in that way. So I don’t think you were projecting in that instance.

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its a straw man argument…

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I go by what I’m given right?

I mean as long as they’re opinions and not deep seated hatred I’m OK with it.

thats good… 1551515151

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