Are you popular at one of my facebook friends posted this

It’s nothing like that, trust me.


Hey I had a welcome seat at both the punk table and the only guy’s seat at the cool girl’s table in middle school. But you’re right LoL…facebook should not exist. But really, the only memorable experinces of being in the psych ward, the only thing amounting to a cool table was the table with more people sitting at it.

In my right mind I always chose the table with no one or the least sitting. Out of my mind,
I probably was the cool table. Peeps came to me for input on crisis intake. It’s all pretty much about the car you drive, you can be whatever schmuck low life you are, if you show up in a nice car, you’re da shiznit.

Im kinda glad im not popular no one misses me and I can relax.

Wow what a friend to have on there.

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When I was hospitalized I couldn’t sit wherever I wanted but I always wanted to sit on the cool table. I never did. But I guess my table was the coolest, we shared with each other what we didn’t need like the bread or the mayo or the olive oil.

This site is one big cool table. I don’t see any special tables here.

I just made whatever table I was sitting at at the time the cool table…

“I party by myself, because I’m such a special guy…”


Oh, plenty of people made it clear over the past month that I’m NOT popular. That’s what happens when you stand up for your principles, I guess.


Just eat the popular ones it will give you their popularity. If it doesnt your popularity total will have risen due to smaller number of total people anyway…win win…i havent tried this method yet because my mom says im totally koo…

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We only had two dinner tables in the ward. Did not notice any cool table. I sat where I found a seat.

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Pretty sad, if you couldn’t even make the cool table in a mental hospital - But isn’t the cool table the one that people who need to be/do something to stoke their egos in some way are at?

I am pretty sure whatever table you sit at becomes the cool table by default :smile_cat:

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Thank you honey! Ending the day with a compliment is always good, we would make really good ward mates :smile:

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