Are you picky about some foods?

I’m so picky about microwaved meat, lol. Like, I love freshly grilled/baked/fried chicken, but once it goes in the fridge overnight or something, I can’t stand how it tastes once it’s heated back up. But I can do like microwaved roast beef. How about you? Any picky food quirks?


I am the same and this makes my parents unhappy. I just eat food they make the same day.


Yep. I just smoked some ribs that I didn’t care for, and there’s no way I will eat them tomorrow or in the future. Ribs are hard to reheat.


I’m kinda picky when it comes to cheese and Mexican dishes.

For example I only eat shredded cheese on tacos. I know a lot of people are fine with just sliced cheese aka sandwich cheese, but I find that gross.


My chili needs to be thick and not too watery. Pasta needs to be cooked Al Dente. All of my bread needs to be toasted for meat and cheese sandwiches.



The only pork I’ll eat is pork chops or low sodium ham.

I don’t use salt. I used to have high blood pressure. Now, I just can’t eat salty foods.

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I’m picky about most foods, which is why I can’t eat in a lot of restaurants. I cook better than they do.


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