Are you paranoid of your possible bad reputation?

If I google-search my name, there’s really nothing to be worried about. Which makes sense as I’m pretty ok’ish kinda person. But how kind or nice do I have to be really? Does it pay off some day?

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I moved away from my hometown. Felt like everybody knew I was “crazy”.


I got a bad reputation years ago after being filmed for a BBC Documentary with my Probation Officer called Out of jail on the streets.

Que me with footage talking psychotic and film of cider bottles all over the place. Alot of people took the piss - and basically laughed when i was crying down the camera in the middle of psychosis. And it was a small town i lived in.

Alot of it doesnt appear to be on google anymore - but if you look hard enough you can still find me. (please dont) lol.

This was 4 years before i was diagnosed and medicated.

Sod it - ill show you. Im the one talking nonsense in my underwear.


It can pay off with less acid in your stomach.

My two biggest regrets?

One was an action when I was still fairly young. The other were words when I was unmedicated.

But I can’t forgive myself…I live with these two moments every waking minute.

I also want to move from my home town. One of biggest mistake in my life was to meet a girl. In 10 days after that I felt paranoid and my love feeling mixed up with my schizophernia genetic problems. It caused great pains.

Sorry to hear man.

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Me too, I want to disappear
or live in the cave like hermit, but there’s no internet

many people judge someone they don’t know anything about
and judge from listen from someone else too,
me too I often do even If I hate it and try to not to
my mind is too fast

when I go outside I wonder what people think of me
like everywhere I went even on internet,
when I feel like I exist in any place
I feel anxious about what people will think of me
I blame it on my anxiety(GAD)

I’m the person type if you don’t know me, you probably think I’m bad guy
or I’m a bad guy?!?!

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I am sick to death of heathens discussing my sex life, which I’ve never really had. I think they are phony busy-body sex offenders. I was involved with one man for about 2 months, in the last 28 years, and that has become the source of a plethora of disgusting lies by insane a-holes. The other man was 2 weeks of only kissing. These busybodies are nuts, and mostly think they’re brainwashing people to be, what an a-hole moron wants them to be. So sorry nutcases, not interested.

Yessss, definitely!!!

Or even it is an apparent bad reputation although really I’m OK. That’s wat is the annoying part!!

I look forward to starting over in CA soon. I will leave my bad memories behind me.

I don’t have a bad reputation, even though I probably should.

I Google-searched my name just to check and it’s all fine. But I would say that I have an average reputation about my resumé. I don’t work since 2018 and I think it’s bad if I’m looking for a new job (I was studying during this period, but I stopped since June, 2019).

Wow, I’m sorry to hear they exposed you like that and laughed.

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İ wont afraid any bad reputation. Because i didn t build my life to top of other people’ s life. İ don t need anybody. And nobody needs me. Thats why i m free. İ m just afraid of some bullying because islamic nationalism on rise at turkey right now.

Are you during 00:46 seconds? If so, that’s very sad they used your image this way. I feel sorry for you too.

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I’m the biggest rumor in town, but I’m an open book. Certain people from an old church I attended won’t make eye contact at a 4 way stop, in fact, turn their head the other way. No can engage. No can acknowledge. No can make me feel.

İ think this might be just paranoia @daze i don t think anybody care us that much.

community policing, honey. Plus what the newspaper screen saver said, Smile, You’re on candid camera.

I got diagnosed 2 years ago and that was the last time my husbands kids come over or let his grandkids spend the night.
But before I was diagnosed they couldn’t drop their kids off fast enough
It’s a shame and disgrace the way we are treated.

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