Are you obsessed with your appearance?

I’d be more concerned about my appearance if my chronic headache didn’t keep me home-bound. As is, I’m in autopilot / survival mode.

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Something in the middle

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I used to be very concerned about my looks but honestly now I don’t give a crap. I’m old and grey and getting age spots. Such is life.

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I do care about my appearance.

I never used to wear makeup (only on rare occasions)but I have been wearing it daily lately.

I like to keep on top of my hygiene.

I would like to lose seven kg or so.

If I could afford a facelift I would have one but it would take me over ten years to save up if I could save up which I can’t because I prioritise my sacred neigh and put most of my money on her.

I have had injectables and am saving up for Botox between my eyebrows.

I do not spend a long time getting ready in the morning though.

I’m not that good at applying makeup but I’m not so perfectionist about it either.
It might take me five minutes to do if that.

I would love to be better at it but don’t have the drive to become better somehow.

I do not obsess about my physical appearance but I do think about it and try to do what I can afford and can to improve it.

I have aged quiet a bit.

I was complimented by a woman that I look the best she has seen me in years and years which means according to her my appearance has improved.

I had my hair done yesterday.
It was expensive but I love it.
Unfortunately maintenance is every second month supposed to be and I usually go to the hairdresser once or twice a year.
Now that I colour my hair I might need the regular maintenance because the colour fades.

I don’t know if I can afford my maintenance actually.

I would get eye lash extensions but there’s no way I can afford it.

So my next maintenance is Botox between my eyebrows due in June so I’m saving up for that.

Since I moved I can not afford to go to the gym anymore because agistment is more expensive here(more than double what it was but much better).

Thing is I may need a instructor to push me to exercise because I’m not a natural athlete and I struggle exercising.

I jogged last week and I forsed myself to do so and it was so difficult.
I puffed and puffed and was so slow and struggled and had to walk a lot of the way.

If I struggle so much now …how is winter time going to go.
It’s such a beautiful place but I really struggle.

At the gym all I did was show up then the instructor got us to exercise.

I miss the gym already but I just can’t afford it.

I think I might have put some weight on already.

I want to do what I can and can afford to improve my appearance.

I’m not obsessed about it but it does matter to me and part of my future goals is to try to make improvements and do maintenance.

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I wish I was better looking. I feel like I’d feel a lot better in general if I had that to fall back on.

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I grew up a long limbed gangly child and adult. I actually think I look better with a bit of weight on. That has really helped my self image as well as getting on meds and sorting out my head. I really am not bothered by my appearance either way these days.


Oh I will add that as a child and teen I was bullied for being ugly and when I had voices they would tell me 24/7 that I’m ugly inside and out and that I’m not aloud outside because I’m to ugly to be seen.

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that’s terrible

I’ve been told this on Facebook and also Google Plus

it would be harder as a kid

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I obsess over my weight. I was never overweight until Antipsychotics and I find it so hard to accept. I am working on it though with the help of the therapist.

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I really don’t like how i look. I put on weight with the medication, and as a result my self-esteem (which was never really good to start with) has deteriorated. I try to avoid mirrors or reflective surfaces. I try to eat better and exercise more but my motivation is just shot to s$#@.

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I shower and keep clean, but not obsessed, I’m at the age I could care less what others think overall

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I don’t know if I’d say obsessed but it is a constant nagging unpleasant thought at the back of my head. I really want to lose weight I just suck at doing so. It’s really hard with nursing school always exhausting me. I often find I don’t have the time or energy to cook. But for my birthday I ordered blue apron where they send meal kits to your home weekly and instructions how to cook so I’m hoping that helps out a bit.


Are the meal kits any good? I have wanted to try one.

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Ill let ya know when I get my first one! It’s supposed to come today actually but I probably won’t cook it today because I have a 12 hour clinical lol. I’ll cook it Monday.


It was really good! They give you all the ingredients and a sheet that gives very clear step by step instructions on how to cook it. It doesn’t take that many dishes and doesn’t take that long to prepare either. It was a lot of fun to make with my boyfriend! And it was healthy too we had spiced tilapia and veggies for our first dish.


Only insofar as I don’t purposefully do something to make it worse. Daily hygiene and a good diet go a long way.

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I try to stay relatively clean by showering often but I don’t brush my teeth or wash my clothes nearly often enough. I feel mostly obsessive about my weight. I also don’t brush my hair or dress well despite buying a million clothes that I shouldn’t have gotten in the first place. I don’t like looking in the mirror often cuz I don’t like myself very much. I don’t wear makeup either. My whole family says I need to spend more time on my appearance. The only thing I do regularly is shower. I care but not enough to do much about it. Just enough for me to feel bad that I don’t put more effort into it

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I’ve been more concerned about my appearance lately, but I’m still not that worried about it.

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I dont have much going for me so i do tend to make myself look ok. Nothing crazy though

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I need to lose about ten pounds. Other than that, I think I look ok for an old lady. A priest today, (who knows nothing about me), told me today that I shouldn’t go on a trip with him to the Holy Land, (Israel), because I would “never make it because it entails too much walking” and it’s “too strenuous of a trip”. I was downright insulted. I asked myself, Do I look decrepit or something? He also told me that the trip is, “too expensive”. Do I look poverty stricken or something?", I asked myself.

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