Are you not entertained?!?!?!?

I feel I’ve done a good job entertaining people today. This board, my roommates, the guy in the mail room, my parents on the phone. I am putting on a show today


When this song first came out I was in the deepest depression of my life. Now I can appreciate it


Making the most out of sick day!!!

I’m doing alright over here…

Biked about 1.5 miles so far… gotta make the trip back in the dark during the wildness of haloween. Got the day off tomorrow though.

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Good luck on your quest :thinking:=your avatar

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halloween + night + sz = a sum you probably wouldn’t want to know

I wanted to stay inside for the entire halloween day. plans didn’t work out, but I’m safe at home for the night at least.

That’s @Azley BTW :smiley_cat:

I heard that there was going to be anarchy on the streets tonight so naturally I was in my element lol

I went out in force like a one man band and gave myself a treat, no trickery just a nice cool beer and whisky/coke

It was raining and all I saw was a group of 10 yr olds maybe 7 of them wearing anonymous masks lol I wasn’t scared, also saw 3 girls and one had fairy wings on lol

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