Are you more social in different seasons

I think I am more social in summers. It may also be so because I see more people when I ride my bicycle. In winters I do not see so many people and I am alone a lot. Maybe this is why I like the summer.


not me i stay the same socially all year, in that i do little socializing, but i tend to prefer when the weather is nice. i do get out and about more in the fall, spring, and summer, do things by myself. but don’t typically get into conversations with people other than family.

I’m more likely to be social in winter family gatherings office parties charity funds social gatherings and let’s not forget the church summertime I’m hit off the AC

I’m more social in the summertime because I feel better usually.

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@leafy Vitamin D is said to be good for sz people. We get that from the sunshine. Would you think that this helps you to feel better?

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yes, perhaps I should think about supplementing

edit, oh I remember I just started some in my multi-mineral

Not really. Its next to impossible to talk to anyone you dont know in the city except for friendly elderly people

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Hmm. . .

It All Depends On The Psychological Imprint From My Long Ago Past, Within Each Different Season.

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Maybe… I like the springs mostly here, when they are just nice and hot. The hot falls too tbh :slightly_smiling_face: the heat of the summer are a bit overwhelming to me…

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