Are you more confident online or IRL..?


I am more confident online than IRL

How about you?

Online. I’m pretty sure most people here are.

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I am confident in real life. I have friends and family and am rabidly social…I do think that is unusual for around here but not unheard of.

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Definitely online. I’m painfully awkward in social contexts …

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Way more confident online. I dont say boo to a goose outside.

I’m much more confident online. IRL I find it very hard to initiate a conversation.

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I’m about the same with people I know. But with strangers I’m not that confident.

same here, initiating conversation is so hard and I find it really stressing

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Hmm. . .

I’m Fairly Normal Out In The Universe.

I Can Fade Into A Crowd. (I Use To Enjoy People Watching).

Social Environments Are More Comfortable Within A Smaller Scale.

I Tend To Wander From Larger Groups.

I Actually Like Getting To Know Individuals. But!, Find Myself Alone Usually. Not A Bad Thing Really.

I Like Online Nonsense. I Try Not To Take It Too Seriously.

I Get Little Feedback Usually. Which Kinda Makes Me Wonder, Wander, Ponder, And Confuse.

Point Is,

I Love Music. i Can’t Ever Sleep. I Finally Live On My Own. And Am Getting My SZA In Order.

I’ll Leave My Mailbox Open For Any Females Interested.


Jeeze. . . .

Definitely more confident online. I have zero confidence irl.

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Online. It’s hard for me to socialize in real life a lot of the time

About the same, I think.

I used to have a lot of social anxiety, but after a lot of trying its mostly gone. I still get apprehensive about going out in public and meeting up with people, but I’m more confident irl than I have been before. I’d say they’re about the same.

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