Are you kidding me?

I’m taking 7.5mg of mirtazapine (remeron) and it can be addictive. I feel better lately. I can’t tell if I’m addicted. I don’t think so. I don’t sit around popping it all day. Jesus… really. I used to take clonazepam and I never became addicted to it.

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Meds vary with individuals. You’re probably not addicted to it at all. It’s like me and ziprexa. That med is notorious for causing weight gain but I never gained a pound on it and I’ve been on it 13 years. So, I’m thinking you’ve found a good med for yourself.


Addiction is tricky. You can think you’re not addicted when you really are. No one sets out to be an addict but it can happen to anyone including the least likely person.

That’s why you hear about soccor moms just taking a couple xanax or valium to cope with stress and then end up getting addicted.

You may never get addicted but just be careful.


@roxanna I was just prescribed this med for sleep what does it do for you?

It helps with sleep and calms me down during the day. Are you taking it yet the remeron?