Are you having a hard time staying away from cigarettes?

I am, I smoke an ecig most of the time and cigarettes 2 times a week (10 packs). To say i’m not even getting a buzz off these things it’s very hard to stay away from them :disappointed:

Yes !! I stop for a day or two but have been failing miserably after that. I figured out a way to smoke now with what little money I have at least for now…I only stop when I’m outta’ money.

I got a fat bag of pipe tobacco. It will last me months. There is no end in sight.

People with schizophrenia are much more likely to pick up the habit of smoking tobacco and have a harder time quiting. 25-30% of the population smokes, whereas 75-90% of schizophrenics smoke. Just thought this was appropriate information, so that if you try to quit you know there may be limitations and you might have to work harder than the average person to quit.

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I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to quit until my symptoms subside. If that ever happens.