Are you happy?

Not particularly no. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The last few years I think could have been the best of my life.

People are kind to me I think and people used to be bad to me and I was bullied and I was really depressed and apathy as a child.

I had happy moments as a child but mainly remember suffering as child n teen n young adult.

Now I know who I am n who I want to be which is nice.

I don’t laugh often but it happens.

I had years of no laughter at all which was bad.

I can smile. Thank fully.


I’m “content” at the moment. Happiness is for kids and newly weds.


Yeah, I’m happy. Life is not perfect, but it’s good and I’m optimistic about the future. I’m also really looking forward to the spring.

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I would say I’m not. Too distracted by my mental health (or lack thereof).

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For me, schizophrenia disabled all emotions, including happiness.

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