Are you happy with your meds?

I’m relatively happy with my meds. But still have breakthrough symptoms that I feel anxious about getting worse. And I wish I could have injectables of everything. Cause I forget my meds often. But my meds are:

180mg ziprasidone
750mg depakote
30mg buspirone
150mg venlafaxine
2.5mg olanzapine prn
100mg trazadone as needed for sleep


Olanzapine 7.5mg only.

No I’m not happy with the meds… they are not good for my well being.

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I am on…

Geodon 80/80
Seroquel 400
BuSpar 60
Depakote 500
Hydroxyzine 100/100
Benztropine 2/2

A lot of stuff but I need it.

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wow thats alot! full dose of ziprasidone and high dose of clozapine?


Yeah it is, but i need it. If i go just one day because i forgot to take a dose, i very quickly feel unwell.

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perphenazine 28mg
nortryptaline 150mg
modafinal 200mg
abilify 5-7mg

I am happy, Since adding abilify I stopped sleeping 12 to 14 ours a day.


I am very happy with my meds, when I can afford them. Without insurance getting rexulti has been a nightmare. Not being able to afford meds or doctor visits turns into then not being able to keep up with my own treatment management as my symptoms get worse which then of course continues to make things worse.

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Yes, I love 500mg amisulpride and 5mg haloperidol I’m taking and 200mg lamotrigine.
Seem to be stable more on these meds. But depression still slightly there and I don’t want to have to take an antidepressant as well, unless it’s urgent. But psychosis under control for some time with my two APs

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abilify-15 mg
and mood stabilizer

my abilify worked great for 15 years but now i think i’ve developed a tolerance to it, sadly. next appointment i might tell my pdoc the thought intrusions are still there. it still keeps the hallucinations and intense loud audio hallucinations away, but it’s difficult talking to people while thinking they’re judging my thoughts from last week lmao. gets worse around military types, my delusions tell me theyre all reading my mind and trying to neurolinguistic program me into compliance and/or push me into self destructive behaviors. might try seroquel instead.

shame the abilify doesn’t work all the way. mainly get delusions around people who act like theyre military though, tbh, maybe i just need to avoid that population lol jk

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I am happy with my regimen now.

I’m on 250 mg Clozaril, with room to go up more. It’s definitely been helping, but it makes me sleepy and hungry all the time. I’ve gained so much weight on it, and now I have to find a way to challenge that. Ugh.

I also do ECT for my dark depression. It’s supposed to help with the schizo part of my schizoaffective disorder, as well. And it is.

I am finally, after many months, starting to do things again.

I take Trazodone to help me sleep, and I have Xanax, just in case my anxiety gets out of control.

But that’s it. I can’t go back on Lamictal for the Bipolar part of my illness, because it interferes with the ECT. We have no idea when the ECT will be over (I go every other week). As the doc says – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Also – the Clozaril is a HUGE pain in the butt. Do not use Clozaril if you don’t want to do this every week:

I have to get bloodwork done every week, then fight two doctors’ offices and the pharmacy to get it called in and filled. It’s the same crap every week – they just don’t do their job of faxing my results to my psychiatrist, and then the pharmacy drags their heels on getting it filled, then when I call to push them to do it, they get angry/annoyed at me, for causing them extra work. Except it’s not extra work. It’s just work.

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Wellbutrin could be causing that


Hmmm. Side effects are a bit harsh. Not really sure whether it’s going to work out :confused:

My meds each day at the moment are

300mg Clozapine
5mg Olanzapine
375mg Pregabalin
2mg Diazepam
10mg Vortioxetine
1mg Clonazepam (prn)

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My meds are:

Amisulpride 500 mg / day

Clozapine 37,5 mg / day

Vortioxetine 10 mg / day

Bupropion 450 mg / day

I am happy with my therapy.

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The meds mess up our sleep so that it further disables us.

I take 10 mg zyprexa,
2 mg Valium,
Thirty mg propranolol

I also take a blood pressure medicine, losartan
And a acid reflux medicine, Famotidine

I would take only 5 mg zyprexa but I go crazy from lack of sleep.

I have gotten better now I’m past 50. I took 20 mg zyprexa for ten years. I no longer yell in my apartment except once recently. I am not reconciled with my mom though.
I am out of practice about getting out in public but this spring you can find me in the park.

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