Are you happy? (poll)

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İ m quite happy lately. İ don t know if its medicines works or my life getting better but i m quite happy. Everything is perfect. :crossed_fingers::pray::+1:


I’m very unhappy. I need to go to a partial hospitalization program, but theres none in my county, and now I have to pay out of pocket because of crappy mental healthcare coverage at the state level.

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Where are you from @Later_Gator?

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Michigan, sorry I’ve calmed down some, didnt mean to bring your happiness thread down.


İ don t know. İ m sorry if you are not happy.i hope thing get better for you :sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise_over_mountains::rainbow:


Thanks! 15151515

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The thing that makes me most angry is my head injury causing 24/7 pressure/pain.

Schizophrenia symptoms just annoy me otherwise. They don’t make me mad since they’re so mild.


I am pretty happy too🙂.

I am stable and on medication.
I do have some symptoms, limitations etc but I’m not psychotic, I nolonger hear voices and I’m not paranoid or delusional.its really nice.

I have simple activities and low stress and no unrealistic expectations as I’m thankfully on the pension.

I have a car and a place to live and family.

I want to have friends and partner but maybe I have that in spirit.
I believe I have friends in spirit and maybe I can date in spirit too until next year I can join a dating site when my mum leaves.

I don’t have friends in person or online to chat to but I have you guyzzz :two_hearts:and my sacred neigh n family n I’ve been able to volunteer a few hours.

So many years I went without laughter.
I could not did not laugh for years and now I can laugh again.
It’s so happy to be able to laugh.

I voted I’m happy.

I could be happier but I might be the happiest because I’m vegan and more the person I want to be and know who I am more now etc

You guys who are not happy but are miserable etc remember things can get better.keep the hope and I wish you to feel better.
Moments of happiness and love and hope and peace and release.


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im surprised by that poll…sz makes me unhappy to say the least…sz is a life sentence…

id wonder how those “happy” folk on this site could enlighten us as to the trick

A couple of people voted yes and no.

@karl iam happy because my meds are working I was a mess for a longtime before I was sectioned,put in the back of a police car like a criminial and hospitalized now I run my own business, and had a interview for a part time job to supplement my income.SZ is defo not a death sentence, I have learned the hard way has my Nana and Dad died suddenly 6 weeks apart in 2014.

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I voted No, since I’m in a slump and getting electric headache most days.

but lots of things do make me happy, mainly relationships, and my dog, and certain comfort foods.

I’m mostly happy. Loving husband and kids so not everything is bad.

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