Are you guys all safe from hurricane

I do not usually read news only headlines.

Yahoo did not mention the hurricane as far as what I saw so I wagons out through a Swedish news about it.

Millions of people may be affected and over a million people are being evacuated.

How do they evacuate so many people?

Does the army come and also planes to fly people to safer areas?

Is there anyone on our forum that is affected by this?

It sounds very scary.

Even buildings in one area can not give enough shelter.

Are new buildings architectures to survive tornadoes?

Good prayers for all the people,animals,buildings, species

What can one do?

Comfort and great help


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I’m in Northern Virginia, near DC. We’re planning for heavy rains and maybe power outage.

The people in the Carolinas will probably get the brunt of it.


Lots of people evacuated. I heard a meteorologist say Florence is gonna sit over the land after it makes land fall. ■■■■.

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I have family in central NC. I’m from there originally. Worried

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That’s bad, because then it will dump huge amounts of rain and increase the flooding. I’ve heard that most of the deaths from hurricanes occur because of drowning.


Please stay safe guys!

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I read thats

thewere make 6 lane highw

my phone is nuts. maybe i dropped it too mamy times.


No, well kind of. I don’t think it is going to hit my city directly. We are probably going to get hit with the outer part of the storm.

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I live in Galveston Texas. I hope we don’t have any hurricanes this year!

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I’m in NE NC on the inner coast at my folks. Prepped and ready. Hoping for the best. To everyone else getting ready for the storm don’t take it lightly and be prepared or evacuate if you need to.


Thankfully no. I was whining today cuz it got a little warm out but there a folks at imminent risk. Wishing those who meet Florence the best.

Yes I am safe and nowhere near it :slight_smile:

There is also the danger of some nuclear power plants getting flooded and the power to run them go out causing a possible fukashima disaster.

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