Are you good at masking yourself?

Like not showing that your a schizo, I’m quite good at masking myself for up to a couple hours at a time when I don’t have a choice


A well thought out topic.

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Maybe but I mention sz liberally… at least once every hour… it becomes interwoven and contextual to everything you know…

really it just equates to having head noise once you get the hang of it… it needs a better name…

good to see you back plumber!

Yeah, I can act “normal” for long periods of time.

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Thanks. I have already been here for several days. :blush:

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I’ve noticed… you are very rational sir… and kind… we can use alll that that we can get here. So thanks for coming back

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I have a hard time concealing anything, even things that I don’t really feel. I give out all kinds of nonverbal messages I don’t intend to.

I guess I’m Ok at it. No one backs away from me slowly when I come around… so maybe it’s all Ok.


Im good at it.
My pdoc says that Im getting to be more normal than the normal. Dont know if thats good.

How about you kellie?

I successfully hid it from my brother living under the same roof.

I can mask it for a few hours too.

If your talking about putting on a poker face for more than a few minutes , then I’ll have to say for the most part, no. It’s just too hard to concentrate on acting in an unnatural way, but I’m always aware of what I’m presenting and have somewhat automatic faces I will put on when deciphering the situation so as not to upset anyone , especially the younger ones that I might happen to be in the presence of.