Are you going straight to paradise when you die?

“Let my skin and sinews and bones dry up, together with all the flesh and blood of my body! I welcome it! But I will not move from this spot until I have attained the supreme and final wisdom.” - Buddha

“…just as the tree beneath which the Buddha died was said to have suddenly begun to bloom at his death.– because a new life penetrated through the whole of nature.” - Otto Weininger’s Aphoristic Writings

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I may linger awhile by the path in the woods listening for signs of gypsies - I’ve heard they might lead you the rest of the way to the farthest field beyond which you might disappear into the sun as they chalk up another one. For Another one’s gone off alone.

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no, not paradise

Not me I’ll be chilling in a pool of hell fire with hunter thompson and sasha grey.

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Let me ask though. How do you think this paradise will be? Coronas on the beach with sunshine every day?

I mean what is paradise that we could know that isn’t worldy? Is it not just a reflection of our inability to perceive paradise and communally construct it here that we reserve it for some fictional after life?

I mean. If there was a paradise. Their’d be no need to eat or excrete. The temperature would be just cool enough that we never get warm nor cold. We wouldn’t sweat. Everything would be balanced. We’d all be staring at purple grass and frolicking with the polycorns. I mean when does that snap and people just try killing each other to see what happens.

Hah. Silly nonsense.

Traditionally you cross the pearly gates and enter a city where everyone lives and you get to listen to jesus forever as your immature soul slowly gleams more and more of his infinite wisdom and you asymptote to having perfect peace within the self and with the world. Well the collective world of “good” souls that make it beyond the gate.

Exclusivity is inherently not a jesus thing.

Buddhism will get you on the right track for that in the real world.

Or you can just find a beach and have a few coronas on a sunny day and say you’ve known paradise.

Either way it’s gonna be borning, drugless, sexless, and probably non-lingual existence. Meh, transcient nonsense.

sorry I had a coffee this morning

Well, I’ll probably stop off at McDonald’s on the way and get a coke. And I have to drop off a few letters at the Post Office. But hey, tell god that I will be there around 10-ish.

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Nah, I think I’m going to be banished.

Valhalla awaits i am a pagan. I already have my illegal viking funeral planed out.

Doubt it. There are religious people everywhere – don’t think I’ll find a place free of them.


Are you going to have them lay you to rest in your flaming car and send it down the highway?

I had a friend in college who wanted to demand a Viking funeral in his car.

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Lol thats awesome but no a raft and a bunch of gas in a lake near my house.

My sister wants me to plant a tree in her…and make her own tree. She has this all planned out. She really wants to give life to a new tree. I guess it is legal in some countries. She demands that I do this. I find this idea both interesting, cool, and a bit gross.

When I was growing up we were told that it would have rivers of milk and honey, and all I could think was omg that’s so gross. Plus it would be gaudy as ■■■■ with gold streets.

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i once had vision of angels. and there was this portal door and a place that looked like the dessert. i dont know what to believe anymore.

Paradise to me is the gaining of wisdom … There’s war in heaven till the end so I don’t think there is peace there yet but to learn of things I’ll never understand here for all eternity s… like how long is an eternity… seems like heavens worth it and I’ll follow His guidelines of love and righteousness so one day I can learn of Him till the end of time and even than I won’t understand…

Valhalla seems like an action adventure rpg heaven where i can do battle and if i lose just respawn. Not trying to start crap but christian heaven seems like playing the sims in an overcrowded cloud town that has alot of rules and a shortage of chairs…id rather play valhalla scrolls and fight dragons craft new items and level up my lockpick skill so i can open that awesone chest of randomly generated loot.

This is all satirical i respect all walks of faith and those that dont have gods.

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Paradise would be no more illness of any kind for me. That would be beautiful

A day in paradise for me means having sex 8 times a day with a woman. There are no stds. Eating 5 star meals. Drinking tons of soda. Eating bags of candy like peanut butter cups butterfingers sweet tarts. Pee doesn’t hurt from all the sugar. I won’t get fat from all this. Playing video games for a little bit. Hanging out with human and animal family. Have a natural anti psychotic. Maybe get caught up on space novels. Sleep but no bad dreams. Watching earthling sports. Watching immortals playing sports is boring. For me this would be my ideal afterlife. My life now I don’t get much of this stuff.

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