Are you functional without meds


Yeah, I took everything to a extreme too


I get severely delusional off meds and get depressed to the point of extreme suicidal ideation. The delusions fuel the depression and it’s just a horrible mess. Plus I think my husband and cats are against me when I’m unmedicated.


I’m a mess off meds. I won’t risk it again.


I’m fine if I don’t take them for a few days, maybe even a few weeks. In the past when I’ve gone extended periods without meds, I either get depressed or manic and then I slowly lose touch w reality


I get hallucinations and paranoia really bad without just one dose


I’m a wreck off meds. Hell, I’m still sort of a mess on meds. Off meds I can’t take care of myself and the risk of harming myself or others is high.


No meds ever - no. Without meds i fluctuate between periods of being functional but worried about stuff like being a bad person and being locked up and catatonic in an isolation room. I kind of hope to get rid of the maintanence meds one day and using them only in the crisis periods.


I can be functional for a time but then become damn mean and then suicidal and delusional.


Almost every time I skip my meds, even one dose, I start to become unhinged. My mom can always tell when I’ve skipped my meds.


I don’t do so well off meds. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been off meds now. I tend to take them as prescribed.


Off medication, I can do basic things, and look after my self, and do the bare minimum of things required to get by, but before I took antipsychotics, I was angry, miserable and a bit psycho.


I’m content / happy but I live a low to moderate life. It’s hard to get motivated or riled up to work or go to school. Maybe someday with lumateperone or min-101.


do you know when lumateperone or min 101 come out


Lumateperone like in a year. Not sure about min 101.


The funny thing is I remember taking min 101 in a parallel universe. I guess I have to wait my turn again. I didn’t like min 101 that much. I had a lot of anxiety on it and from life. It’s for people with negative symptoms.

Unfortunately, I might have to wait a bit on lumateperone because of insurance. I need insurance to cover it.

I’m not sure how I’m reliving my life over and over again. I keep coming back alive in the past. It sucks. It is a time loop or a simulation on repeat as far as I can tell. But I’ve skipped most of my childhood, which assumes I’m time travelling.

I haven’t taken lumateperone in probably many thousands or more lifetimes. I said this before, but i remember taking a drug starting with an L ( thought it was Latuda) and I recovered from schizophrenia enough to do physics and time travel work.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if lumateperone will work for me or if I’ll be around. Maybe it wont. Latuda was a disaster.

It must be from the future in a parallel timeline because people were older and my psychiatrist retired. She’s still working as far as I know.

Some people didn’t want me to take lumateperone. I was too high functioning.


Same, I get really messed up after missing one dose


I take medicines for cholesterol and gout so taking a couple of pills for my brain isn’t a problem for me. I know it’s a different kettle of fish but I do all right on the meds and it’s a small price to pay for living a good life. It’s different from most but I enjoy it!


I can’t stay out of the hospital so I am certainly not functional.


I get so sick of people saying how are you without meds…!! duh…we’re schizophrenic…yes we need our meds…


I become highly delusional and extremely paranoid off meds.
I will also hallucinate and will experience mixed episodes.

I take my meds religiously.