Are you flexible

I go Pilates class
I am the most inflexible person there
I can’t reach my toes
My leg wront go straight I am locked at the knees


I’m not flexible. I have stiff muscles from abilify. It makes me feel older than I already am.


No way no how am I flexible .

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not very flexible, even as a kid. I remember when we we’re little and we would be asked to sit on the floor and sit “indian style”, it was the most uncomfortable sitting position for me, I hated it.

I may get more flexible with time since I have joined regular Pilates classes.

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I do yoga every once in a while, helps me from getting stiff

No,never was very flexible

When I was a kid I was very flexible. Now I can’t even bend to pick something off of the floor

I can press my palms to the floor with my legs straight, go figure

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